METALICS: We have a large number of manufacturers of metallic profiles, heavy or light, cold-formed or hot-formed.

WET: Structural cements, additives and cement adhesives.




2. INSULATION: (between profiles)


MINERAL INSULATION: rock wool blanket or fiberglass type.

SYNTHETIC INSULATION: expanded polystyrene; extruded polystyrene, elastomeric foams.  





Bituminous sheet or vapor barrier, are the waterproof sheets that are more used by CASAS INDUSTRIALES. The construction market offers many other products that could be used as waterproof sheets.  



Different thickness according to the project needs. CASAS INDUSTRIALES uses:


OSB board

Calcium silicate panels

Pladur panels (interior or exterior use)






Wide variety of ceramic finishes.  Products are selected according to the project characteristics.




They could be plastic paint, or waterproof paint, always complying with the current international rules.  




SANITARY: We have manufactures of pipes and pieces of different systems. They can provide not only pieces for the provision and supply for the clean water installations but also any piece for drainage or sewage system.   


ELECTRICAL: Our manufacturers meet the strict international rules in: Cooper conductors, electrical and mechanical conduction system; always following the energetic and lighting requirements of the project.





Our suppliers are also manufacturers of toilets, sinks, showers…in PVC or porcelain (depending on the project needs).




The STEEL FRAM system offers a wide range of solutions for roofs. Roof finishing based on large plates, small asphalt pieces, silicate panels, rock…   







Our offer includes materials of the world most important deposits. We have the market knowledge that allows us to offer the best quality-price rate on terms of NATURAL STONE.


The knowledge of natural stone products together with our quality commitment makes PETRABOR the perfect meeting point for architects, interior designers and constructors. We do offer technical support for architectural offices that want to use NATURAL STONE for their projects.   


Textures and finishings

PETRABOR investigates the materials finish in order to obtain new textures and colors. This investigation is always focusing to obtain new products in adequacy to the needs of the natural stone.  



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